Truths i’m persuaded about

So I pick up my pen to write

Whatever truth I have found in the WORD

That I may go over it again and again

And teach it to the coming generation

For this Word is indeed my life


Herein is the righteousness of God revealed

Being witnessed by the law and the prophets

It is from faith to faith

We have been made righteous through faith in Christ

It is not of any work we have done

It is only the gift of God


There is therefore now no condemnation for us

Because we are in Christ Jesus

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus

Has set us free from the law of sin and death


Who can indeed bring any charge against the Elects?

It is God that Justifies and has justified

Who is He that condemns?

No, Christ will never ever

For he is the one that died and rose again

Right now seated and making intercession

Believe not the lies of the enemy

You have been justified in Christ



Another truth I’ve been persuaded of

I am created for good works

All the days of my life were written lovingly

Before any one came to be

He guides me safely in the way

Cos he promised he would

Everything indeed works for my good

Both the good and the bad


The sufferings of this present time is nothing compared

To the glory which shall be revealed in us

For the earnest expectation of the creature

Waits for the manifestations of the sons of God

For as he is in heaven, so are we here on earth


We in Christ indeed defeated the world

And this is the victory that overcomes the world

Even our faith.

Yes I was there, I was there in Christ, I saw it all

That day when my freedom was won

He went deep down to hell

Having descended from the highest

He asked for the price to be paid

The devil mockingly told him

Thinking he will never be able to pay

But yes he paid…with his life he paid

It was tooth for tooth, Life for Life

And he paid it all in righteousness

He wasn’t let go until the full penalty was paid

Every ounce of flesh taken, every sin atoned

Until the sinless life was gone and justice exacted


Then God broke through hell

And raised him up again

And took him through the earth back to heaven

All powers and dominion could not be denied him

He filled all things with himself

He took his rightful place beside the king

And gave his power to Men

To as many as believed him

To them he gave that power

To become the son of God

And to be the victory’s owner

We that believe in him

are the one that overcame the devil

It is our victory, do not be deceived

For the devil is still the father of liars

For we were with him that day

That power changed hands.


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