My New Year Resolution

This is that time of the year we all want to start afresh, we clean the slate and begin all over again… all the unfinished business, abandon projects of last year, the resolutions that never made it through first week of February of the previous year are all forgotten and written off like a paid debt…. we are starting a new year like a new life.

while many have written or are still writing new year resolutions… this is what i have planned to do.

I’ll find maximum joy in giving to others.

  • my smiles
  • money
  • love
  • compliments
  • encouragement
  • service
  • favor
  • surprises
  • my prayer and lots more

i won’t bother at all about the receiving part. If I receive, additional blessing but my joy will be in giving all I would have ever desired to receive too.

Micah 6:8 He has shown me, o mortal, what is good. and what does the Lord require of me?

  1. to act justly
  2. to love mercy
  3. to walk humbly with my God

so this is what I will do this year if the Lord permits… this is my new year resolution.

Happy New Year to y’all



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