The MAZE of life

I just stood there

Looked around me

Seeing what seems

Like a complicated maze

I didn’t know which way to go

All the paths seems like the right one

But where would it end

I know not


I can’t stay here for long

I’ve got to make a choice

How I wish I know

The end from the beginning

But wait a little

I am here all alone

Where are all my friends?

And my loved ones

They seems to be

Nowhere to be found.


Then suddenly,

I heard voices

“come here”, “come here”

The voices kept saying

But all in different directions

One said “here is the way”

The other said “just follow me”

And the confusion intensified

Written boldly on my face

Who do I follow?

Which path do I take?

Where do I go?

I know not

Where would it all end?

I know not at all.


Where do I go from here?

My confused mind cried

Above all the voices

Ringing around me

I decided to do nothing

And just be silent

But it took me great effort

And time as well

I got silent in my spirit

Against all odds and turmoil


Just then I heard it

So still and faint at first

You wouldn’t even know it’s a voice

Coming right from within me

But I did hear it

I had to listen again

It became louder and clearer

And what was it saying?

“This is the way”

“Go therein”

Just like magic

There it was

A small but pronounced path

I never even knew it was there

 But where would it end

I know not at all.


Then I realized it was you

You, speaking to my heart

You were there all along

I just never knew it

 I need never be confused

You are constantly there

All I needed was to ask

And you’ll gladly lead me

I just never asked

But you came in anyway

Aint you wonderful

O guardian of my soul


I’m still on that path

And even though

I might not know where it ends

But I’m sure

It will definitely end well

Cos I’m not walking alone

I’m walking with the one

Who knows the very END


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