only one BOSS

There is this funny proverb in my dialect that says Oga ta, Oga o ta, owo alaru a pe (Whether the master sells or not, the servants wages are guaranteed)… having spent sometimes to think about this, I beg to disagree with this proverb, for I have discovered that we are all working for only one boss and he doesn’t have this proverb in his vocabulary.

This is unfortunately the attitude of many workers today in my generation. This is what we find in most government offices including political offices…. This attitude of ‘to do as I please and take all for myself’

But I say here, we may have different platforms to express our gifts and talents, and we may or may not get paid every month for doing this but ultimately, we all have one boss who will pay every man according to what he has done whether good or bad: GOD!

The law of the universe still holds… the law of seed and harvest. Whatever a man sows that he will reap!

Story! Story!…… once upon a time?

There was this builder who has been in the building business for quite sometime. He really has been a dubious one, as he always looks for ways to make much gain. He uses substantial materials and make clients pay for originals. He  will plasters up with beautiful paints on the outside to cover up the dubious act and the houses always looks very beautiful.

One of his top clients called him one day and gave him a new project, he wants to build a big house ‘out of this world’ and he assumed this hard working builder will be the best person for this project.

The builder as usual saw this opportunity as another means of making so much money. Bubbling with joy, he started his usual dubious use of inferior materials and covered it up with lovely paints. Every other day this rich man comes around to look at the progress of the project until the end.

On the completion of the project, the builder handed the keys to the rich man, and the rich man handed the keys back to the builder and said this is my gift to you and your family for all your years of labor.

Hmmm…. Knowing what he has done, the builder was filled with regret and shame “if I knew this was my house, I would have built it well using the best materials’ said he in his heart.

Is this not the story of most people?

He that is not faithful in someone else’s business, who will commit into his hands his own? Definitely not God!

Deep in your heart you know you are really paid more than the service you truly offer every month, aren’t there people better than you and who have more qualifications but are paid lesser than you (you know a lot of your classmates out there). You were just fortunate to be in a company that pays more than the companies they found themselves.

If salary-increase comes by the strength you put in, shouldn’t manual laborers get more pay? After all they do the bulk of the job.

Are you yet to discover that the people that use their pens (in signing ofcourse) get paid more than the people that use their strength? Those who sit down all days in the air-conditioned office get more pay than the ones out there in the scourging sun, not because they work more than them but it’s like the scripture says in Ecc 9:11 The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

Shouldn’t the knowledge of this cause you to work with enthusiasm and gratitude? And not like most people do ‘with a sense of entitlement’… Huh! We don’t deserve all we get in life…. It is simply by grace.

So therefore how you do other man’s job will determine if you should remain an employer forever or God gives you your own. And if you got your own, you’ve sowed a seed that must be harvested… other men will work for you the way you worked for your boss (say Amen)

Faithfulness and Loyalty….

These are two key words that must be bind round our necks.

Wherever you are now, and whatever you are doing at the moment, which is the talent God has given you; Occupy with it in faithfulness until he comes. He will surely come. And when he comes, he will reward you to be in charge of cities or punish you in accordance with how you handled what you are currently doing. God is the Judge and the only Boss!



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