Entitlement mentality

Lord, give me ‘this’ because I did ‘that’…..That is the very reason you won’t get that thing.

Remember Lord, that I gave money to your work, give me this… That is also the very reason you won’t receive anything.

And when people do come to give testimonies, they must emphasize what they had done that made God did for them what they asked. Chai!

All this witchcraft Christianity we do in this generation…. It’s beginning to irritate me…

We cant manipulate God to do anything for us. he does it because he wants to…. in fact someone said, no amount of worry can make God do for you today what he is planning to do tomorrow.

let’s get it straight….God is not MMM, ‘I give help, pay me help’. He is not ATM machine, ‘I deposited money, I want to withdraw it..(with interest)’.
He is not money doubler… ‘I  gave 50, I got 100’…. what have you given to God that didn’t belong to him in the first place?

We deserve nothing from God …in fact we deserved punishment and death. Yet God loves us so much that he had to come himself to take that punishment and the death we deserved so that we can take the blessings and the life he has in abundance… Shouldn’t that be enough to make anyone humble? No ooo, not my brothers and sisters… We’ve been taught to deserve everything so much that we can’t even accept anything for free! We just have to spoil Grace with works. *sigh*

When we come to ask God for anything in prayer…let us ask only on the basis that Christ deserves it on our behalf, not our works and definitely not our gifts.
Christ is the finished work that made us deserve anything from God; please don’t forget that ever!

We became sons because of Christ, we are who we are, because of Christ. God adopted us because of Christ…

It is because he gave us Christ that we have assurance that he will give us every other thing we ask for. In fact, the greatest gift God can ever give us is Christ …every other thing is nothing compared to him.

Anything we do or give God is always a subset of what he has done for us.

We love because be first loved us, we give because he first gave us… Anything we do, it’s cause he first did it. We live in response to him…let’s do it with a grateful heart and not an entitlement mentality.

Thank God that we don’t have to deserve everything we get from God or else most of us aint getting nothing!…

If we want to work so as to deserve things from God, we place our self where the accuser of the brethren can reach us….and trust me he has lots to accuse of us of…. You can remember everything you have done to deserve things but the devil knows everything you did not do…he knows all the thoughts he has brought to your mind, he knows every good you were meant to do that you dint, he knows every malicious talks and lots of other things you can’t seems to remember… He will win against you in the court of God’s law…

But when we come through Christ to ask for things, we come straight into the throne of grace. There, Jesus is the mediator and there’s no condemnation for us. who can bring any charge against the elect at the throne of grace? It is God that justifies.

Let’s exchange our entitlement mentality for that of a grateful receiver of the grace of God and teach others to do likewise.

God bless you


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