When we ask the question… “Why”

A beloved friend of mine who lost her mom recently, not long after the demise of her father said to me….. “Tokunbo, my mom served everybody well but then she died”…

The word of the lord came to me, “in all things God works together for our good”… Then she asked a question like everyone would…. Where is the good in this?… *Selah.

When we don’t have answers to life’s questions…when the question ‘Why’ screams in our hearts…..This is what I have discovered:

We just have to call to mind the faithfulness of God and rely on it with the whole of our heart.

God doesn’t always answer our questions, yet He wants us to trust Him… He wants us to know that even through our pains, He is still God. He loves us and will make it well in the end for us… We just have to believe that….

Life can get so confusing, times are really difficult. There would always be a lot of things we will not understand; there are lots of questions without answers, those who have gone beyond cannot tell us “Why” things happened the way they do … they know better.
Even if we have some sort of revelation, all we know is really in parts as Paul puts it. We don’t and can’t have full knowledge of most things; we are too limited by our senses. But when we will look back in retrospect, we eventually see God’s hand in everything, and then it would make more sense.

How do you comfort someone who is grieving so deeply when you have not passed through what they are passing through?

Sometimes your reasoning fails you; your advice and words of comfort feel callous even to your own ears.

But then, that is where the deliberately believing comes in, faith in the midst of doubts, choosing to believe even when it doesn’t make sense…It is no longer just the word we believe but the ONE that speaks the word… God has always been worthy of our trust, this time won’t be any different.

Another thing I learned is to praise God through the storm.

I have discovered that the greatest praise we can give God is the one we give when we have no reason to give it and this moves the ALMIGHTY…

The praise we sing even in the midst of tears and pains, the hallelujah we shout when our mouth feels so heavy to even talk, the gratitude that comes when we don’t understand what is happening…it tells God, I am hurt but you are good, I don’t understand but I trust you, and I won’t give the devil the joy of rejoicing over me. Though he slays me, yet I’ll praise Him.

This is the kind of worship that moves God… I’m not saying He will make it better immediately, but I sure know it will make you better and put you in a position to receive all that God has in store for you.

Please don’t let the misery make you bitter…God will make it better…and it will surely end in praise.




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