There is Grace available for the one who will work

In my little journey in Life, I’ve experienced grace in different dimensions and at different levels.

As a support officer, I have been faced with issues I don’t even understand the genesis and users can’t express themselves well enough…. Those times, there is a grace that resolves issues just by my presence and at other times; all I needed to do was to lay hands on the equipment. I’ve heard one of my top bosses said to someone about me ‘she has a Midas touch’.

I recall a particular incident just the other day, I resumed from annual leave and a user complained about this issue.  He didn’t forget to mention all the people that had tried to resolve it while I was away, and the issue lingered. I thought to myself, if these much people, (some who have more experience than me) have tried and couldn’t resolve…. What else am I supposed to do? I did all I could to avoid the user, giving one excuse or the other to explain why it wasn’t my place to try.

The issue lingered for many months…with emails going back and forth.

This particular day, I was at the branch and he mentioned it again, and I said ‘let me even see for myself and understand what this issue is’. He explained and I took over the machine….only for me to discover it was just something very trivial …. I mean very trivial and then BOOM!… It worked like magic… I came across to them as a miracle worker, I’ve had many of such experience but sincerely, I didn’t do anything special. It was just GRACE!

If I didn’t attempt it, the issue would have lingered and the grace would not have come or just lie dormant.

Grace is only available when you need it!

God doesn’t waste his grace… he only gives it to those who will work with it… or how else how would you even know you have grace if you don’t stand up to work?… Grace present but not in use is same as Grace not present!

Grace multiplies as it is being put to use… we are what we are by the GRACE of God. But we must endeavor to work more that the grace may be multiplied.

Receive GRACE!


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