Happy ONE year anniversary to US

tkbeSeems like yesterday, and it’s ONE year already!!!

One Year of God’s faithfulness and kindness… it could only have been God all these months, and I am really grateful to him. It may just be a year for anyone but it’s a milestone for me. Who would have thought we would last even a year?

I really thank God for my husband. He is God’s gift to me and I love and respect him.

I’ve learnt a few things in this one year and I need to document them for the journey ahead and for anybody coming along….

**Marriage has its own hurdles and many challenges; therefore, it is better to settle that part of doing it with whom God has chosen for you… you don’t want to go through the stress of doubting every moment if you made a mistake.

**Marriage is not the end, it’s only a Journey: lots of people have this notion that they just needed to get married, and that will be all. There is an everyday life after the wedding day; it is only in fairy tales that the story ends at happily ever after. The real life includes cooking even when you don’t feel like it…. amongst many others.

**There will never come a time when there will be ‘TIME’: I’ve always thought I was busy as single, and I assumed when I have a home of mine, I will have more time to pray, study and read more books in my own prayer room/ library …. It’s fallacy! Welcome to the real world. You have to fight to maintain and build up your prayer and study life, activities and distractions tend to take over our daily routine and we just have to create time to meet with our Lord.

**Love is not enough to build a good marriage: it takes more than love, there is the commitment part and there is that part that must do the will of God; never to hold on to grudges but forgive easily even when you don’t feel like it, honor and respect your spouse not because they are deserving of it, submit in everything though it’s not easy and most importantly it’s a journey of no return so don’t even contemplate DIVORCE.

**You will never be compatible with your spouse, there are so many differences, and you must learn to celebrate each other differences… the very thing you admired about your spouse may be the cause of offence later in the marriage, but you must learn to mature in the midst of it all. Our spouses are God’s gift to make us a better person.

Happy one year to us!!! I look forward to doing many years more with Olu Mi






  1. This is amazing dear friend. You nailed it with the hammer of grace… I think marriage is deadness to one’s self. You can not succeed in marriage when you are still holding on to yourself.
    Tee Kay didn’t talk about sex in all your lessons… Lol
    I love the place where you talked about having a dream of having your own world where you can read, study and do all you feel like.
    I think every single lady and man out there have to see this.
    Happy Anniversary to my friends. God bless your new home.

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  2. Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Olonitola! Just like yesterday when we were going for counselling together…i thank God for you, your life and your marriage. A home built on Christ the rock that cannot fail! Yeso, u av to cook even if you don’t feel like it, even a maid can’t help in that matter.😂 Continue to enjoy God’s grace my sis n bro!

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